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AniForte Neem Oil dog shampoo test

Technical characteristics

Suitable for dogs, especially puppies
capacity 400 ml
ingredients exclusively natural ingredients
available free of fragrances
available free of dyes
for dry skin available
special feature cold-pressed Neem Oil and Neem combined with essential tea tree oil. It makes the coat shiny and easy to comb.


  • very nourishing effect
  • natural product without preservatives
  • very economical
  • good impact
  • very high nourishing
  • hydrating for the skin and hair of the animal
  • without other fragrances


  • to low foam generation
  • parasite repellent could not confirm

the maintenance of the own pet is always very in the interests of the animal owner and the AniForte dog shampoo with Neem herbal oilin 400 ml bottle is a product that helps this notion to the achievement. It is fragrance free and a special natural product for dogs. How well does this shampoo, the dog likes it and also the promise of the manufacturer have been met showed in a test of practical application itself. The bottle of 400 ml enough time to maintain good very long one slightly larger dog through. Because you rarely should bathing dogs, this shampoo is recommended particularly, because of the naturalness. About the good ingredients, the skin of the dog and the coat is not unnecessarily strained.

Neem Oil nourishes the skin and the skin of the dog

showed the test how well the coat looks like a laundry with this shampoo. It settles much of the dirt and grime in a coat. It is important that the dog’s not quite out of the fur hair grease is washed over the shampoo. This has achieved so this shampoo and also the animal felt better in the test. This special shampoo contains Neem Oil and an extended extract and tea tree oil. You can see already in the grasp of the emulsion as soapy and this shampoo is oily. After the test and the laundry, the fur could be combed better and it was obviously good. The manufacturer refers to the effect of the flea defenses. This could be only partially observed, because the fleas don’t like the tea tree oil. But stubborn fleas can not impress of this shampoo.

The effect of the shampoo

also a certain long-term effect could be determine for this shampoo in the test, because the effect of the shiny fur stopped several days. This was the result of a very good impression. The application showed a low foam formation and this has to do with the naturalness of the product. This shampoo without surfactants which promote also the foam, and so this is but not further negatively noticed. Particularly well liked in the test that does this shampoo by AniForte without fragrances and perfumes. Especially the animal knows how to appreciate this and this does not detract from a wash of the dog of cleanliness after. To read the list of ingredients appear here no substances that have a semblance of harmfulness.

Convincing washing performance of AniForte Neem Oil dog shampoo

was In the test, that a few drops of shampoo are sufficient to obtain a good washing effect at the dog in the fur. Because the oil in the product adheres well, a good rinse is recommended, and that’s enough to give the skin a silky shine. The test showed this too in the way. When wet, you can very easily brush the fur with a coarse comb. Also resist can be solved via the oil and the product can tarnish a but. This has to do with the naturalness of the product and here it is explained that these natural ingredients contain no preservatives. It is a concentrate and so are the 400 ml to use very long. The test showed the shampoo as a very useful and very noticeable visual effect showed especially the nourishing effect.


The conclusion from the test for the AniForte makes a very good overall Neem Oil dog shampoo. Animals are like because of the neutral odors and this shampoo comes with no perfume or preservatives sstoffe out. In the conclusion is reflected in a very good overall impression on the promise that the manufacturer gives to his product. It provides a natural product and the nourishing effect is visually immediately detectable and to recognize. It makes it clear that this shampoo actually that holds concentrate, which is printed on the packaging. Just the hint of the parasite defense is not entirely verifiable. After washing, stubborn fleas that have bent on a dog, are again after a short time at the dog. It shows but, this shampoo is really natural and this product deserves a good recommendation as a conclusion.

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