The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / AEG Vampyr CE 2000 Test

AEG Vampyr CE 2000 Test

AEG Vampyr CE 2000 vacuum cleaner

AEG Vampyr CE 2000 Test: Read our latest report for AEG Vampyr CE 2000 and compare him with other vacuum cleaners.

AEG Vampyr CE 2000 – report

Around 70 euros required for the AEG Vampyr CE 2000 and provides for a vacuum cleaner of ancient impact. He is strong, comfortable to use, but unfortunately also very loud. Read propose what other criticisms on the score in the test.

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The AEG was once one of the largest electrical companies and an important, traditional German company. Founded back in 1883 as “General Eletricitäts society” has one produced in virtually every area over the years devices. Power engineering, public rail transport, cars and airplanes, radio technology and last but not least “white goods”. After the early heydays the numbers in the 70s were getting worse and 1985, the AEG was eventually taken over by Daimler. Mid-90s, the AEG was then broken up and partly sold or incorporated at Daimler. The AEG brand rights for most product groups sold in the Swedish Electrolux AG and for years nothing more is produced in Germany.The devices are instead now built mainly in Poland, Hungary or Italy. Nothing with “Made in Germany” So, only remains the good name. So the more exciting as the AEG Vampyr CE 2000 Test will perform.


Der Vampyr CE 2000 is the latest model in the range of AEG, he has now been nearly 10 years under his belt. Not least because it is one of the best-selling vacuum cleaner in Germany and which is so fast probably not change.Classically it comes to also with the equipment here. A 4-liter dust bag takes up the filters dirt and the exhaust air is cleaned by a microfilter system. Also from the impending EU directive for energy-saving vacuum cleaner is not alive on the island. Soon to accommodate only 1,600 watts or less new vacuum cleaner AEG Vampyr CE 2000 bears the “2000” but not in vain in the name. That the power consumption is only little about the suction power known, but they usually says something about the power consumption and heat generation. I will examine this in more detail in the test below also.

The included accessories is down the price range accordingly clearly. Besides switchable Standardbodendüse only are crevice and upholstery in the belly of AEG Vampyr CE housed 2000th After all, a dust bag is already installed, so you can start right away. Further bags must be purchased separately and costs about 0.60 euros each. About a knob on the vacuum cleaner, the power can be regulated, however, a secondary air controller on the handle does not exist. The cable is 6 meters long at best average and provides a range of moderate 9.5 meters .

Test Result – small but loud

The processing of the AEG Vampyr CE 2000 appear consistent and are first no cause for criticism. There have been almost exclusively used plastics and the tools such as a furniture flap must be abandoned, but still give the vampire a high impression. Thanks to the low weight of less than 5 kg, it is very handy and so stairs can be vacuumed easily. The rollers are found to be smooth and the cleaner follows easily through the apartment.Because of the relatively short cable to an application but rather recommends in small apartments.

The suction power drops initially nothing to be desired. On hard floors takes the AEG Vampyr CE 2000 easily all sorts of dirt particles on, whether sand, rice or hair fibers. With thin carpets it is also impressive, with difficult coverings such as high tuft rugs he encounters however quickly reaches its limits. Here the soil is removed superficially, deeper areas are hardly or not achieved. This is for a vacuum cleaner in the price range but also in order, because for such missions is a rotating brush in the floor nozzle almost a prerequisite. But not in order is the weakening suction when the dust bag fills up. Once the bag is about half full, allows the suction power by relatively clear.

The bag change it is very simple and clean. At full capacity, it is incidentally quite noisy to the point , and after a few minutes of operation, the vacuum cleaner itself and especially the air quite hot. When one sucks small rooms a bit longer, it can just heat up uncomfortable in the summer. Also worthy of criticism is the smell of exhaust, because the fresh air drawn premises smell always a bit strange. This is, however, probably when the AEG Vampyr CE 2000 only once has a few missions since then.

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Test result – only for small apartments

At a price of around 70 euros AEG Vampyr CE 2000 can definitely score with a neat suction and processing. but It is also uncomfortable loud and with increasing content of the bag makes the performance then rapidly after. For smaller homes of Vampye but certainly an option.

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