The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / AEG SuperCyclone SCANIMAL – Comparison Test

AEG SuperCyclone SCANIMAL – Comparison Test

The AEG SuperCyclone SCANIMAL is a bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology . Looking at its 4 different filters that numerous nozzles supplied and the unusually large volume of its dust container, so you can already by a “voluminous” speak equipment.

The following list provides detailed information about the equipment of SCANIMAL plus some notes on the operation:

    • The SCANIMAL weighs only 5.75 kg and brings it to a maximum power of 1300 Watts . In order to maintain the high air velocity in the cyclone vessel permanently, the manufacturer recommends always possible to drive the device at its maximum capacity. On this recommendation must be naürlich not necessarily hold, because not for nothing that the SCANIMAL has indeed a power regulator in the form of a rotary knob, in which you can adjust the values continuously.Nevertheless, only at its top speed of 180 Km / h, the cyclone exerts its strongest suction and the best deposition of very small dust particles. Note in this context, our helpful hints about cyclone or multi-cyclone .


    • The SuperCyclone SCANIMAL is switched to the above-mentioned power controller , the turning of the “Off” to the right towards “Max”.


    • During a work break, you can mount the telescope tube with the respective nozzle in a horizontal bracket Park, the vertical version of this mount is used more when you park the machine after working on the specific place for him.


    • Handle, telescopic tube and nozzle are by means of with such devices installed as standard plug-in mechanisminterconnected. The suction power can also be adjusted using the suction control on the hose handle (a small hole on the handle, the cover can be moved).This way the suction control called by the existing in all other vacuum cleaners. Bypass vent is one but used rarely, and when however, caution is necessary because one is exposed to may a sudden “dust rain”.


    • Which nozzle can now place it on the telescopic tube or directly on the handle?
        • First there is the universal floor nozzle Dust magnet mentioned, which is generally suitable for all soils. Only in difficult hard floors should be to achieve optimal suction on this floor nozzle changing the switch for the brush position. That would be especially the case if you want to “comb” a carpet.
        • Furthermore, there is of course a crevice tool for sucking joints, corners and edges,
        • a turbo nozzle with a rotating brush head, well suited for the removal of animal hair on carpets or carpeting (visitors with an allergy to cats will appreciate that)
        • an upholstery tool for vacuuming upholstery, sofas and curtains.
      • and a parquet nozzle for vacuuming parquet and wooden floors.


    • The crevice tool and the upholstery can be attached to the telescopic tube.


    • The radius of action incl. 6 meter extension cable is 9 meters, the volume is 79 dB (A).


  • The dust container has a MAX display . If this is achieved, one should in no case more eyes (see overheating protection in the next section), but empty the dust container immediately.


Develops its full suction power at a top speed of 180 km / h. AEG SCANIMAL

The bagless vacuum cleaner works with the so-called cyclone technology..

The cyclone technology used and the high speed at the dust removal ensure good suction power , whose precise value by the manufacturer but unfortunately is not (yet) specified.

Amazingly, this vacuum cleaner despite cyclone technology no less than 4 Remove the dust and dirt to hold back from the exhaust air stream , Since it is no wonder that the SCANIMAL under EU energy label of dust emission Class A is assigned (ie, the highest ever attainable).

The most important filter safely is the exhaust filter , mounted directly on top of the main unit after the dust container. This is called Allergy Plus filter and need only minimal cleaning. If it is visibly dirty, so he can be simply wash warm water and continue to use after thorough drying.

The dust container itself does not have an extra filter that is attached to the outside and is just like the air filter cleaned under running lukewarm water. Inside the dust container, more specifically in the cyclone unit, also is still the so-called. Cone filter that should be cleaned by the same method.

Finally, there is the motor protection filter . He sits, if you have the dust container away, clearly visible in front of the engine. If this filter is very dirty, it should not be cleaned. It should be removed and replaced with a new one.

The AEG SuperCyclone SCANIMAL has a built-in protection function that automatically turns the vacuum cleaner before it can overheat (eg, if the suction channels are blocked or because of a crowded dust container.).


Since September 1, 2014, all newly sold vacuum cleaners must be marked with the EU energy label. In the previous section we have already pointed out in the environmental characteristics on the volume and the dust emission class. Here are now once again all the values of the EU energy label:

  • Energy efficiency category: F
  • Volume: 79 dB (A)
  • Average annual energy consumption: 51.1 kWh
  • Dust Emission Class A
  • Carpet Cleaning Class: D
  • Hard floor cleaning class: D

The AEG UltraSilencer is only in the dust emission in the highest class. The power consumption is still a little high in the cleaning classes he is more in the midfield.

The AEG SuperCyclone SCANIMAL counts with its 5.75 Kg to particularly lightweight bagless vacuum cleaners. Positive highlight to him are the enormous volume (4 liters) of the dust container, the many components and the exemplary filter technology with own 4 different filters that have helped the device to dust emission Class A.

The volume is 79 dB (A) certainly not optimal, but the only criticism with this excellent cyclonic vacuum cleaner.

We summarize briefly the main features of the bagless vacuum cleaner together:

  • Weight: only 5.75 Kg,
  • Dust container: 4 liters,
  • Action radius: 9 meters,
  • Extension cable: 6 feet,
  • Easy-cyclone,
  • Volume 79 dB (A),
  • Accessories: crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle,
    turbo and parquet nozzle,
  • Overheating protection,
  • Dust Emission Class A,

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