The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / AEG Performer ASPC7120 – Comparison Test

AEG Performer ASPC7120 – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (1.74)
Operation / handling (45%)
VERY GOOD (1.21)
Power / EU characteristics (40%)
GOOD (1.89)
Equipment / Accessories (5%)
GOOD (1.50)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Energy efficiency class A
    • Dust Emission Class A
    • Hard floor cleaning Class A
    • 4 different nozzles


    • Small dust box

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 7 Kg
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Annual power consumption: 25,8 kWh
  • Dust Emission Class A to G: A
  • Carpet Cleaning Class A to G: D
  • Hard floor cleaning Class A to G: A
  • Dust box volume: 1.4 liters
  • telescopic tube
  • Action radius: 9 meters
  • Volume: 74 dB (A)
  • integrated accessories
  • cyclone technology
  • Manufacturer: AEG
  • Instruction manual: –


  • Multiple cyclone
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 45% Note 1.74
Weight (Kg) 7 Kg  66.67
Dust box volume 1.4 liters  13:33
telescopic tube  + 100.00
radius 9 meters  50.00
volume 74 dB (A)  75.00
integrated accessories  + 100.00
cyclone technology  + 100.00
Multiple cyclone  –   00:00
Total points 505.00 (800)
Power / EU characteristics 40% Note 1:21
Energy efficiency class A 100.00
Annual electricity consumption 25.8 kWh  98.37
Dust Emission Class A to G A 100.00
Carpet Cleaning Class A to G D  50.00
Hard floor cleaning classes A to G A 100.00
Total points 448.37 (500)
Equipment / Accessories 5% Note 1.89
instruction manual  11:11
included supply 100.00
Total points 111.11 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 1:50
Amazon valuation 4.5  75.00
Total points  75.00 (100)
Properties without rating
  • The AEG Performer ASPC7120 belongs to the Silent Performer Cyclonic series of AEG, which is characterized by particularly quiet bagless cyclone vacuum cleaner is characterized. This model is red and black in the Faben.
  • With a weight of 7 kg of ASPC7120 does not necessarily belong to the lightest vacuum cleaners, but is still easy to use and carry anyway.
  • The volume of the dust box is sized rather small with 1.4 liters, so it must be emptied a bit more often. Drainage is thanks to the Easy Empty system but done easily, hygienically and quickly.
  • The bagless vacuum cleaner works with cyclone technology , AEG Turbo Cyclonic Technology called. Here, the dust is separated from the air and pressed against the edge of the collection container. Unlike many models of other brands of ASPC7120 only works with a cyclone and does not have a multi-cyclone. Nevertheless, that is suction of AEG Performervery good and quite compare models with multiple cyclone.
  • The power of the AEG Performer takes place via a power plug. Thanks to the long cable of the vacuum cleaner but reaches a radius of 9 meters . With it, even all the corners where there are no sockets, can easily reach and frequent repositioning is not necessary.
  • With a noise level of 74 dB (A) of ASPC7120 is actually fairly quiet. This is for the user to handle naturally pleasant and allows vacuuming at all hours, without disturbing others. To achieve these low noise emission, the engine of the AEG performer is extra noise and vibration is reduced and the suction noise is thus particularly insulated.
  • For convenient handling of ASPC7120 has a telescopic tube , so a length-adjustable guide tube, and an ergonomically shaped handle.
  • The body of the vacuum cleaner offers opportunities for parking of the telescopic tube with nozzle. Both the horizontal and the vertical path allows the vacuum cleaner park like this. Thereby, the locking is possible during a brief interruption of the suction, but the vacuum cleaner can also be stored to save space in the upright position.
  • The attached under the cleaner body Soft wheels protect the floor and allow easy Afterwards pull the vacuum cleaner.
  • The included user manual is unfortunately quite poor and offers little information and help.
  • For delivery also includes the ASPC7120 four different suction nozzles:
    • DustPro floor nozzle which is suitable for all floor coverings.
    • Crevice tool , with which you are also in narrow spaces.
    • Upholstery nozzle, allowing you to suck upholstery and curtains.
    • Parquet brush, which protects by a solid circle of bristles your hard floors and helps to prevent scratches on hardwood or laminate.
  • Both the crevice and the upholstery can be on the handle mount of the vacuum cleaner. This gives you while vacuuming the necessary attachments always at hand and the nozzle can change quickly.
  • Rather unusual is the ASPC7120 the waiver of a footswitch . Activation and deactivation of the appliance is via a slider , with the suction can be adjusted. This of course means that for turning a bending is always necessary, which some users quite as uncomfortable could feel.


The AEG ASPC7120 works relatively quiet.

A rich assortment of different cleaning nozzles belongs to delivery accessories of bagless vacuum cleaner.

For the use in private households in the AEG Performer ASPC7120 is very well suited. With 800 watts of power , you can keep your apartment clean easily. The exact values for the suction power and energy efficiency can be found below in the EU parameters .

The suction can be a slider on the cleaner continuously adjust and adapt to the respective substrates and conditions. For consistently good suction you should make sure to empty the rather small dust container regularly.
Dust box cleaning

The cleaning of the dust box of AEG ASPC7120 goes slightly out of hand.

Abandoning vacuum cleaner bag has a positive effect on running costs.

For optimal cleaning performance of the vacuum cleaner has two filters . The CleanAir Hygiene filter corresponds to the EU standard E12, which means that about 99.5 percent of the fine particles are separated. This filter should be cleaned regularly.Cleaning is carried out with a small brush and running water. Another HEPA filter provides additional protection against dust.

Combined, these two filters can filter out the vast majority of particulate matter from the air. Less than 0.02% of the absorbed dirt are discharged through the exhaust air again. This is especially for allergic important, but also facilitates the housework, since frequent dusting is no longer necessary. As you can see the EU characteristics, the ASPC7120 also cuts in the emission of dust from the best.

Here are now once again all the values of the EU energy label:

  • The AEG Performer ASPC7120 convinced with very good energy values . With an annual electricity consumption of 25.8 kWh reaching the best energy class A . To calculate this value, it is assumed that a floor space of 87 square meters and 50 cleanings a year.Due to your own cleaning habits and the size of your living space, you can easily estimate how much energy you will consume about.
  • Even with the dust emission cuts of ASPC 7120 excellent from. He has the dust emission Class A , which corresponds to a nearly 100 percent dust-free exhaust air.
  • For the cleaning of hard floors such as parquet, laminate, tiles or PVC AEG performer is very good, which is also reflected in the hard floor cleaning Class A reflects.
  • Difficulty has the ASPC7120 in the cleaning of carpets. Here he could only carpet cleaning Class D reach and thus achieved on carpet a rather mediocre result.

EU Energy Label

The EU energy label has not only the energy efficiency class of more important performance.

You can find it, among other things, the dust emission values, the classification for the cleaning classes and the volume of any vacuum cleaner.

In the areas of energy consumption and dust emission, the AEG ASPC7120 behaves exemplary. Also in the cleaning of hard floors he can convince.

Only in the carpet cleaning is still room for improvement. In fact, most vacuum cleaners in the test in this particular area of their vulnerability. So if you have not an excessive number of carpets in your home, this should be sufficient suction.

We summarize briefly the essential characteristics of the device together:

  • Weight: 7 Kg
  • Dust container: 1.4 liters
  • Action radius: 9 meters
  • Volume 84 dB (A)
  • Accessories: Dustpro floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, upholstery and parquet brush
  • Clean Air Hygiene Filter

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    Type of power supply Ne 220 V

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