The best washing machines & dryers 2016 / AEG L72675FL – Comparison Test

AEG L72675FL – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (1:57)
Operation / handling (30%)
GOOD (1.50)
Security (20%)
VERY GOOD (1:38)
Power / EU characteristics (35%)
VERY GOOD (1.14)
Programs (5%)
GOOD (1.80)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Energy efficiency class A +++
    • Centrifugal efficiency class A
    • AquaStop
    • 16 wash programs
    • 6 Additional functions
    • Low residual moisture
    • Low water consumption


    • No switch

Functions / Features

  • Energy efficiency class: A +++
  • Annual energy consumption: 167 kWh
  • Annual water consumption: 8999 liters
  • Spin efficiency class: A
  • Airborne acoustical noise in washing: 58 dB (A)
  • Airborne acoustical noise during spinning: 77 dB (A)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1600 U / min
  • Residual moisture in percent: 44%
  • Installation Type: Freist./Unterbau
  • Load: 7 Kg
  • Start time delay
  • automatic load
  • Time remaining indicator
  • balance control
  • Number of programs: 16
  • Number of additional functions: 6
  • childlock
  • AquaStop
  • Operating Instructions: ++
  • Manufacturer: AEG


  • Loading sensor / display
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • lockout
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 1:57
Maximum spin speed 1600 rev / min 100.00
Loading sensor / display  –   00:00
Start time delay  + 100.00
automatic load  + 100.00
Pet Hair Removal  –   00:00
Time remaining indicator  + 100.00
instruction manual ++ 100.00
Total points 500.00 (700)
safety 20% Note 1:50
childlock  + 100.00
balance control  + 100.00
lockout  –   00:00
AquaStop  + 100.00
Total points 300.00 (400)
Power / EU characteristics 35% Note 1:38
Energy efficiency class A +++ 100.00
Annual electricity consumption 167 kWh  73.45
Annual water consumption 8999 liters  73.54
Centrifugal efficiency class A 100.00
Airborne acoustical noise in washing 58 dB (A)  54.55
Airborne acoustical noise during the spin cycle 77 dB (A)  72.73
Residual moisture in percent 44% 100.00
loading 7 Kg  75.00
Total points 649.27 (800)
programs 5% Note 1:14
number of programs 16 100.00
Number of additional functions 6  85.71
Total points 185.71 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.80
Amazon valuation 4.2  60.00
Total points  60.00 (100)
Properties without rating
Weight (Kg)
installation type

The AEG L72675FL is a freestanding front loading washing machine, with 7 kg capacity is well suited for laundry amounts of a private household. It is only in the white color sold.

With the dimensions 850 mm (height) x 600 mm width x 555 mm (maximum depth) corresponding to the machine to standard dimensions for washing machines and can also be under countertops and in niches of 85 cm height slide. It is connected to thecold water tap , the heating of the wash water takes place in the machine. The operation works on the standard power outlet with 230 volts.

The AEG L72675FL characterized by a high spin speed from a maximum of 1600 rpm. You can, however, adjust individually to the required spin speed. This is in the range of 400 to 1600 TPD per minute 200 increments possible.
AEG washing machine model L72675FL

The AEG L72675FL is particularly engergiesparsam, she has the energy efficiency class A +++.

About a delay start to wash times can be set individually.

It also has an automatic load . This function calculates the required flushing water depends on the load. So you can not only water but also save energy , which is required for heating the water. The washing time is automatically adjusted via the automatic load.

With the delay start can freely choose the starting time of the wash. So you can schedule the washing times precisely and run the machine for example, such that it is washed, while you are at work and the washing process ends when you get back home.

By remaining indicator Machine displays the time remaining in the current program on the display.

The machine comes with a detailed instruction manual supplied, which you can see all the important information. Of the installation and commissioning of the various programs to the security features and technical details of the AEG-machine

The washing machine has different security features that are designed to protect the laundry, the machine and your apartment.

  • The Aqua Stop function prevents leakage of water. In this model of the double-Aqua-Control Inlet Hose is installed, which provides optimal protection against water damage. Thereby it is not necessary to turn off the tap between the washes and washing during your absence is allowed.
  • The balance control prevents damage to the washing machine. In an unfavorable distribution of the laundry pieces of extracting operation is aborted before it can cause damage to the dampers of the machine.
  • The child safety turn protects your clothes. During a running program the settings on the machine itself can not be changed, so that it is guaranteed that the laundry is not damaged by incorrect temperatures or spin speeds. If the washing process from you however interrupted, you can also subsequently change or the program or adjust the spin speed.

The AEG L72675FL can currently best energy efficiency class A +++ exhibit. It thus has a low energy consumption and offers a good washing performance with low energy costs .

The annual electricity consumption is 167 kWh , annual water consumption in 8999 liters . For the determination of these two values, it is assumed that 220 standard washing operations are performed per year. The results are seen as something positive: both the electricity and water consumption are at the bottom. Thus, you not only protect the environment but also your wallet.

Also during the spin cycle the machine reaches the highest efficiency. She has the centrifugal efficiency class A, which is currentlythe highest efficiency class is.

Despite the low energy expenditure, results of the spin program is highly satisfactory. Only 44% residual moisture are in the laundry if it has been washed and spun in the standard program cotton at 60 degrees. In order for the AEG-machine achieves a far better result than many comparable models.
EU label

The EU energy label for L72675FL of AEG.

Further information about the structure of the EU energy label can be found here .

But the machine is, however, a little louder than some others. The airborne noise is when washing at 58 db (A) during spinning at 77 db (A). These values are measured 60 degrees with full 7 kg load in the standard program cotton. Especially the volume during spinning could be bothersome. However, the machine has this problem, because it also has an extra-gentle washing programwith which you can reduce some of the noise.

The machine provides 16 selectable wash programs and 6 additional functions. Among the various programs include:

  • Hot / colored wash with or without prewash (for normal fabrics, which have a normal to high pollution)
  • Easy to clean with or without pre-wash (for very insensitive textiles – often made of synthetic fibers – which have a normal to high pollution)
  • Extra-quiet,
  • Easy iron,
  • Delicates (for delicate fabrics that should be washed very gently)
  • Wool or silk Handwash (for hand washed garments from wool or silk)
  • Curtains,
  • Jeans.

If time is tight again, the machine also offers the Quick wash program “quick intensive” for a maximum of 5 kg and the “extra short program” that allows you to get a maximum of 3 kg of laundry in 20 minutes clean. For the full load of 7 kg, however, there is no quick wash program.

The two energy-saving washing programs can be additionally the increase energy efficiency and save energy, water and money.Here, the machine provides the programs and Super Eco Cotton Eco.

In addition, of course, the functions can spin / Pumps and extra rinse also set individually.

The AEG L72675FL convinced with its flexible configuration options and many variants washing programs.

Only the airborne noise during the spin cycle could – feel some users as a nuisance – depending on site. But is an extra gentle wash program is available for particularly sensitive ears.

We summarize briefly the essential features of AEG washing machine L72675FL together:

  • Energy efficiency class A +++
  • 16 wash programs
  • 6 Additional functions
  • to 7 Kg load
  • childlock
  • Start time delay
  • automatic load

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