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Adidas Door Gym Pull-up bar

Adidas Door Gym Pull-up bar


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Test report: Adidas Door Gym Klimmzugstange

With the Adidas Door Gym pull-up bar, sporting top performances can be achieved in the shortest possible time. Hardly any other sports equipment makes for a better motivation in the sport than this with the pull bar. The optimum sports equipment delivers outstanding service, as it can be installed easily, for example, on the door frame so that athletic people can use the pull bar in just a few seconds.

This makes the Adidas Door Gym pull bar an optimal solution to improve your fitness in the long term. With the Adidas Door Gym pull-up bar, fitness professionals rely on an optimal device, in first-class elaboration that has been manufactured in the best quality and has to provide for many incentives in sports. Muscles are thus defined within a very short time, so that the dream body is no longer in the way.

The pull bar has been made in plain black, providing a neutral design that optimally adapts to all occasions. In the production of the Adidas Door Gym pull bar, the main material used was iron, which provides high stability. This means that people can get up without problems and reliably, because the pull bar keeps weight out of the way. However, it is important to ensure that the rod is used securely so that the Adidas pull bar is firmly seated and the athlete can not slip or otherwise injure himself.

At least 98 cm should be the door frame to which the pull bar is finally attached, because this is exactly the length of the Adidas Door Gym pull-up bar. With these dimensions, the rod can be optimally attached and offers a first-class, sporty training that is hardly easy to find. The rod replaces expensive fitness studios and provides the ideal basis for people who would like to train their shoulders, arms, forearms, back and even the abdomen. Already with a few training units on the pull-bar, amazing results can be obtained, which speak for an optimal, trained body, which everybody wants.

The attachment of the Adidas Door Gym pull bar is completely without the use of screws or other materials, instead the rod is simply clamped to the door frame and finds its support here. The door frame should not be thicker than 14 cm. In particular, people who live in an old apartment should measure precisely in advance whether the bar can be attached to the corresponding points of the door. The pull bar is a simple assembly instruction, which is almost self-explanatory and leads to the fact that the rod can be assembled without problems by untrained users.

Anyone who travels or moves, or wants to stow the pole for lack of space, can also easily disassemble it. This makes the bar an optimal solution in daily workouts and strengthens the body in every respect. In addition, the rod has practical grips made of foam material, so that the hares lie ideal and are not stressed too much or calluses form.

Also an effective door frame protection from the side of the manufacturer was thought, so that the rod not only finds a perfect support, but the door frame even with high force exercise or weight, will not damage. Stability and comfort combine to give Adidas an optimal overall impression, which should not be missed by a sportsman looking for a simple and fast solution to strengthen the muscles. The Adidas Door Gym pull-up bar offers all this and much more, as this product can be used to support the training perfectly and even improve it efficiently.


Conclusion guyIf you are looking for an ideal support for the training, the Adidas Door Gym pull-up bar is just right. This high-quality iron construction adapts exactly to the door frame and provides an ideal opportunity to convince as a bar in all respects. Practical foam handles protect the hands and the door is also protected.

The Adidas Door Gym pull-up bar offers an optimal basis for all those who have only achieved moderate success in the gym. With this pull-up bar the high fee of the gym can be saved. Reliable, safe and high-quality as well as stable processing, the bar should be missing during any training.

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