The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / A self-propelled vacuum cleaner “Virtual Directory, Lighthouses

A self-propelled vacuum cleaner “Virtual Directory, Lighthouses

There are various names for this Navigational Aids: room dividers , lighthouse as a room divider or Virtual Wall Lighthouse . What is meant is always the same, namely a small, about 10 cm high box, which causes by sending an invisible infrared beam a local lock on the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Here you can adjust the range of this lock by a switch different areas, with higher ranges course verbauchen even more power for the generation of the infrared beam.

Some lighthouses are turned on and off by hand, while others switch on automatically when the robot one (about the Roomba 782 ).

Lighthouses are signs that serve the robot as “signposts” in his journey through several rooms. They look just like the virtual walls, but have a slightly different function. Lighthouses have only makes sense if you want to clean more rooms, which are connected by open doors, in one fell swoop.

It is then to the respective connecting doors a lighthouse, which performs two functions:

    • on the one hand it prevents the robot vacuum cleaner from prematurely entering the next room when the current was not fully cleaned,


  • secondly, it helps in returning to the charging station, because the robot will find lighthouses may only by “scouring” of passed previously.

Yes, iRobot delivers depending on the model Virtual Wall Lighthouses , which can be offset by a slide switch in the respective desired state (sign or barrier).

Included with the Roomba 782 from iRobot is among others included a lighthouse:


iRobot Roomba 782

Overall grade Excellent (1.40)

iRobot Roomba 782

test winner

EUR 569.00   -13%

Plus points

  • Telematics
  • Double HEPA filter
  • 1 Virtual Wall Lighthouse
  • Intelligent contamination detection
  • Various cleaning modes
  • fall Protection


  • No batteries for Lighthouse

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